Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hair Envy v.2

I recently decided to stop bouncing around and take the Henna Plunge. For those of you that don't know, Henna is pretty much the equivalent of the Holy Grail of hair care for a black person. If you REALLY need more info, here's a link to CurlyNikki's website. She's pretty much the queen when it comes to natural hair, and I spend more time reading her blog than I do doing ANYTHING else (except maybe watching porn, but that's another issue for another day).
So here I am, on one of the hottest days recorded in Canadian history with (basically) hot, squishy, conditioning mud in my hair. Lovely. I've also been baby-ing my hair recently, because I've been noticing a lot more breakage than I usually get.
In other news, I'm tossing out the comb. My hair may be to delicate to handle it. I've been trolling MopTopMaven's blog for the longest time, and prior to washing her hair, she sprays a mix of conditioner and water on it, and starts combing it. I decided to try that. After seeing about two broken pieces of hair around the sink (for about half of my head, but whatevs, breakage is breakage) I panicked and decided to finger detangle. Can you say DREAM??
In the interest of baby-ing, I've worn my hair in twists all week (which I'm planning to do for awhile) only touching it to moisturize and seal. My hair despises twists! The ends tangle like crazy and the roots dread up(that's right people! DREADLOCKS) if I leave them alone for too long. But this time with just a little conditioner and my FINGERS my hair came apart like, like, like... I HAVE NO IDEA, BUT IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!
And to my wide-tooth comb (or all seven of them): Screw you, dude! I'm free! HA! FREE, I TELL YOU!
Now. Me and my mud-packed hair are off to
And a little Hair Porn for the masses:

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