Saturday, April 16, 2011


I came across a copy of my third grade report card today while I was cleaning my war zone of a bedroom, and reading it gave me the strangest feeling. It feels like someone cut my heart open and every single thing I'm feeling and every single thing I've ever felt is just flowing in and out.

Remembering myself at that age is just...strange. I keep remembering that little girl and I feel so much for her, myself at that age. There's so much I wish I could go back and tell her. I want to tell her not worry about the future, or what people say because she'll grow up to beautiful and smart. I want to give her a little bit of the deferrence I've gained in the past few years. It's so weird to think about how much hasn't changed since then. I wish I could back and hug her and tell her all the things I've learned.

I think I love her more than I've ever loved anything or anyone, and more than anything I want her to have a good life. I want that little girl to grow up and be happy.

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