Saturday, January 15, 2011

Posts from Yesteryear...

Since I'm being plagued by a rare bout of writer's block and a not so rare bout of laziness, I decided to start posting some random old stuff that I've written....

Bad Romance: The Un-Love (circa February 11th, 2010)

So today I endured a level of suffering I hope to never exceed barring childbirth(and maybe not even that). The ultimate high school horror: The school dance. I consider myself way too non-conformist to EVER be caught dead at one of these things.

Unfortunately for me, I have friends. And one of them has the extremely outdated idea that Valentine's Day (My friend Jules calls it Single Awareness Day)dances are fun: Robyn. And since me and Siuthyn made her see The Lovely Bones, we had to go with her. I will never forgive her for the two and a half hours I spent awkwardly pretending to dance, listening to music that I hate, and watching skanky tenth-grade girls grinding with their "boyfriends".

Oh, and then, about halfway through that horrendous excuse for a school event, all the guys formed this huge circle around all the girls, and just stood there leering at us like starving men staring at food. It was maybe the creepiest thing I've ever witnessed. Even that I could have dealt with for another few hours, but then they started playing some stupid Miley Cyrus song and THAT was where I drew the line. I grabbed Siuthyn, walked off the dancefloor, went to my locker and went home.

I'm mostly just happy to have survived it, and angry that I wasted two and a half hours of my life in the middle that Valentine's Day Creep Show. Unless Robyn gives both me and Siuthyn back our five bucks I don't think either of us we'll be talking to her ever again. At least not until the residual trauma has worked it's way out of both of our systems.

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