Thursday, November 1, 2012

To A Friend: Part 1

Sasha. I remember how shy and quiet you were when I first met you, and how I had to stand up for you a lot that first year, and I'm incredibly proud to have been the person to help you come out of your shell. You didn't know it then, but you helped protect me just as much as I helped protect you. You were there for me when I was going through a really difficult time and your friendship was invaluable to me. I can sincerely say you helped me become who I am today. I did then and still feel that you understand me better than anyone else. Though we are both vastly different people now than we were when we were fourteen, I can still call you whenever I'm sad or angry, and you always know just what to say to make me feel better. I love you Sasha Blackella.

Kristy, you are wild and a little crazy, and absolutely everything I love about the world and life in general. You are unabashedly honest in your feelings and in your interactions with people, and you have no idea how incredibly special and rare that is, and how much I admire that in you, and how inspiring it is. You ALWAYS reach for what you want, no matter what anybody says, without fear, without shame, and without apology. I often feel like I get caught up in trying to please others and forget my own needs and desires (in my insurmountable need to always be perfect), and you are a constant aspiration for me, even when your honesty causes chaos. I love you, Kris!

Tanu. Having been the third in mine and Sasha's group for so long, I still feel like we're incomplete whenever you're not there. You and I were each other's crutch for almost a year, and I feel like we built an unbreakable bond during that time, and you are an irreplaceable friend to me. You are best friend to the girliest, most spoiled, bratty and indulgent part of me, and you have no idea how lonely that part of me was until you came along. I've never had a friend I could just shop with, eat with, and  talk trash with. You accept even the crappiest, most mean, petty parts of me and you never make me feel guilty or like a bad person for them. I love you, Nuu!

Note: I originally posted this to my facebook, and I just felt the need to immortalize these positive feelings somewhere. I might write about some of my other friends and family members later, even some of the ones I'm not close with anymore. I often use this blog as a place to vent negative emotion, but I think I need to remind myself of the positive aspects of some of my relationships, even the ones that are no longer in existence.

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