Sunday, April 15, 2012

Love and Stupidity

I remember (like a million and a half years ago) reading this manga called Maison Ikkoku. After like, three years of writing it, you could totally tell that the author (Rumiko Takahashi) was sick to death of complicating the lives of her characters, so near the end of the story there's this part where the main female character figuratively throws up her hands and is just like "Fuck it! I don't know what the hell else to do! I don't know how to fix whatever's wrong with us, so screw the sentimental shit, let's just have sex!"

Yeah, she didn't really say that....At all. But that's how interpreted it.

Anyway, I just wish life was as simple as just throwing up your hands, and being like, I give up, it'll all work out somehow. But it just keeps on coming doesn't it? No matter how simple you make your life, there will always be some douchebag to come along and complicate things. Those are the times when I wish I was the only person in the world. Everybody else is just interrupting my peace and getting in my way. I doubt I would even get lonely.

The point that I'm trying to make with this random half-assed post, is that there are only certain parts of your life that you can work on, everything else just has to work itself out. Emotions make things complicated, people make things complicated, and unfortunately human beings lack the ability switch our emotions on and off at will (when are going to evolve THAT trait, huh??).

In other words: I hate us, life sucks, and I'm shutting everything down (feelings and everything associated with them) until I've got everything I want sorted out.  Holy shit, I'm going to be a virgin for a long fucking time. Meh, I'm probably not missing much.

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